Privacy Policy

English version – last update: 10/31/2013

TF1 International is aware of the importance of the confidentiality of personal data communicated to TF1 International. By accepting the confidentiality of personal data (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) and the conditions of use of the services (hereinafter the “Services”) made available on the Internet website (hereinafter the “Website”), the user of the Website (hereinafter the “User”) authorises TF1 International to collect, store, use and divulgate the personal information as they are described in the Privacy Policy.

1. Definitions

“Contractor(s)”, “Subcontractor(s)” stands for any company which may have to process data on behalf of TF1 International.
“Partner(s)” stands for any company other than those composing the TF1 Group or their Contractors.
“IP address(es)” stands for the number attributed by the Internet service provider to the User at the time he/she connects to the Website.
“Cookie(s)” stands for a text file which may be stored, in the absence of any objection from the User, in a dedicated space of the hard disk of the User’s device, during the consultation of the Website.

2. Applicable legal framework

Pursuant to the French data protection law, law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 “relative à l’informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés”, TF1 International informs the User that it preserves the confidentiality, integrity and security of all data that the User may communicate to TF1 International through the Website or the Services.
Any personal data identifying indirectly or directly the User, particularly: surname, first name, postal address, email address, telephone number, or indirectly, according to the applicable law is considered a personal data and treated as such.
The creation of a User Account is subject to the processing of personal data.
This processing of the personal data of the User is declared to the French data protection authority, the “Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés” (CNIL), under the receipt number: 1716275. TF1 International is responsible for the updates of the CNIL declaration, if necessary.

3. Controller of the processing and purpose of the personal data

TF1 International is the controller of the processing.
TF1 International SAS:
1 Quai du Point du Jour, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – FRANCE
The recipient of the personal data are TF1 International and its Subcontractors and Partners.
TF1 International implements reasonable and normal means to prevent third parties from accessing the personal data.
Among the workers at TF1 International, only a restricted group of employees can access the personal data.

4. Data collected

TF1 International collects and processes the following personal data: surname, first name, email address, telephone number, position in the company (job title and job description), connection and browsing data, actions carried out on the Website.
Whether communicating the data is mandatory or facultative is indicated to the User at the time of data collection.
Some data are collected automatically depending on the User’s actions on the Website.

TF1 International collects what the User communicates, in particular at the time the User:

- Creates and updates his/her User Account;
- Browse the Website;
- Places an order on the Website;
- Uses the streaming services offered on the Website.

5. Use of the data

The data collected by TF1 International are used in different ways:

- Security of the User’s data and TF1 International’s data: some data (in particular IP address, dates and times of connection, service used, content downloaded or content the User accessed to) are stored in order to make it possible for TF1 International to ensure the security of the Services and particularly to detect or prevent fraud or potentially illegal activities and to prevent any breach of the General Terms of Use of the Website;

- Identification of all person who may cause harm to TF1 International;

- Customise TF1 International’s Services: the personal data collected by TF1 International make it possible to customise and to improve the Services proposed to the User and the information addressed to the User;

- Audience measurement: TF1 International can measure the statistics relative to the activity of the User on the Website;

- Newsletter: depending on the choices of the User at the time of the creation of his/her Account, the User will receive custom newsletters related to the latest news about TF1 International’s audio-visual programmes;

- The User can sign out the mailing list for the TF1 International newsletter by clicking on the “Sign out” link in the email. The request by the User to sign out will be taken care of promptly, in no more than ten (10) work days;

- Information to the User: TF1 International may use the personal data of the User to inform the User of the latest news and of the evolution of the Services.

As a general rule, TF1 International undertakes not to divulgate the Users’ personal data, unless the Users have given TF1 International the authorisation to do so or in very specific circumstances, such as follows:

- Because of the law, in the context of legal proceedings, a dispute and/or at the request of public authorities of the country of residence of the User, or for other reasons;

- The divulgation is necessary in order to protect national security, for purposes of law enforcement or other subjects of public interest;

- The divulgation is reasonably necessary for TF1 International to be able to enforce the present Terms or to protect its activities or its Users;

- In case of restructuration, of assignment, of merger or acquisition by a third party, TF1 International may transfer any and all personal data it has stored to the concerned third party.

6. Period for which the data are stored

The personal data and connection data are stored by TF1 International and/or any Subcontractor of its choice and are kept for the period where the User is registered and can use the Services. Beyond that period, the data are stored in order to make it possible for TF1 International to have in its possession the necessary elements in case TF1 International’s contractual and/or tort liability is engaged.

Beyond that period of time, only statistic anonymous data will be stored and will not be subject to any exploitation, of any kind.

In the event of a dispute arising about the legal force of the data stored by TF1 International and any document provided by a User, it is expressly agreed upon that the information provided and collected by TF1 International are the only material accepted as evidence.

7. Access to the personal data

Pursuant to the French data protection law, and provided he/she can prove his/her identity, the User has a right to access, correct, oppose and delete the data related to him/her.

Accordingly, each User may require the rectification, completion, clarification, update or deletion of the information related to him/her and which are inaccurate, incomplete, vague or outdated.

In order to exercise that right, the User must address his request:
- By email to the following email address:,
- By postal mail to the following postal address: TF1 INTERNATIONAL, 1 quai du Point du Jour, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt - FRANCE.

8. Liability of the Partners

In the event the data have been communicated to Partners of TF1 International pursuant to article 3 of the present Privacy Policy, TF1 International shall not be held liable of the processing of the personal data by its Partners, once the data have been transferred to the Partner. The Partners are liable towards the User, under the applicable laws and regulations, of the use they make of the User’s personal data.

9. Notice of possible changes

In the event TF1 International uses the User’s personal data for other purposes than those described in the present Privacy Policy at the time of registration, TF1 International will inform the User by email.

The User will then have the choice to accept the changes, or not; instructions will be given to the User regarding the process to inform TF1 International of his/her choice.

10. Collect of connection information and use of Cookies

For statistical purposes, TF1 International may use Cookies and/or other similar technology. Those tools are used for technical purpose in order to ensure the correct transmission of the information in TF1 International’s data bases and to ensure that, for example, a User does not fill the same form twice.

TF1 International may also use Cookies and/or other similar technology in order to automatically store the login and password, so that the User is not obliged to enter those information each time. For practical matters, the Cookies and/or the file generated by a similar technology are stored for consecutive sessions. The Cookies and/or the similar technology used within the sections reserved for Users are also useful to check the validity of the login and to protect the access to confidential information. The server also produces Cookies and/or other files generated by a similar technology in order to identify the session of each User when a member visits the Website. The latest Cookie and/or other file generated by a similar technology is automatically erased at the end of the session. No information making it possible to identify a User is stored on a Cookie and/or other file generated by a similar technology.

TF1 International may also be in relation with third party partners (Google Adsense for instance) to display advertisements. Those Partners may have to use the Cookies and/or similar technology (web beacons for example) when they display advertisements on the Website and they are likely to collect, for example, the User’s IP address, the Internet service provider used, the flash version installed on the device. Those data are generally only used to display adequate advertisements corresponding to the User’s interests or to measure the effectiveness of a promotional campaign.

The User can at any time delete the record of the Cookies, or erase the Cookies already stored on his/her computer, by setting the privacy protection options of his/her Internet browser (for example: tools > erase my traces > Cookies, on Mozilla Firefox and Tools > erase the browsing history > erase the Cookies on Microsft Internet Explorer).

In case the User has questions regarding the present Privacy Policy or the collect or use of personal data by TF1 International, the User may contact TF1 International at the following email address, or at the following postal address: TF1 International, 1 Quai du Point du Jour, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – FRANCE.