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My Servicing Corner

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This is where you will find everything you need to promote and release/broadcast our feature films and TV Programs.

Your titles are listed on the left by status:
- AUTHORIZED means that you have full access to all the materials available for this title.
- RESTRICTED means that you have access to the DOWNLOADS area and that you can order key art files and the full set of hi-res stills.
- STAND-BY means that you do not have access to the elements in connection with this title at the moment, either because the Long Form Agreement is not signed yet or because the MG is not settled yet. Please check with your regular sales contact.

After selecting a title from the list, click on the following tabs to:

Access all available documents in connection with the title (dialogue lists, billing blocks, music cue sheets, certificate of origin, etc.).

Step1: select the products and quantities you wish to order and click the ADD TO ORDER button.
Step 2: click MY PURCHASE ORDER to check that you have selected everything you need. Then you can either click ‘Add more products to my purchase order’ if necessary, or click CONFIRM ORDER.
Step 3 (confirmation): check/amend delivery instructions; add a comment regarding this specific order. Entering a release or broadcast date is compulsory to send your order through. Other input fields marked with * are compulsory.

After clicking the SUBMIT MY ORDER button you will receive a proforma invoice via e-mail in order to proceed with the payment. The original copy of the invoice will be sent by regular mail.

- RELEASE DATES (only available for feature films):
Theatrical release dates displayed are filled in by distributors themselves, you can sort them out by territory, distributor’s name or by date.
Access to such data is not possible when status of the title is "Stand by".
To fill in/update your theatrical release date, click on this sign

- P&A FORM (only applicable to feature films):
For the record, filling out your tentative P&A budget plans online is a contractual obligation.
Input fields marked with * are compulsory.

Fill in the Media Advertising (A) part
Fill in the Publicity (B) part
Fill in the Ad/ Pub production (C) part
Fill in the Prints and trailers (D) part

To display one of the above four parts click the relevant Show (Media Advertising or other) link.

When finished, click the SUBMIT P&A FORM button at the bottom of the page. If you don’t, nothing will be saved!

You may amend your P&A form at any time. Don’t forget to validate the revised part, by submitting the form again.

Except for the theatrical release date, all information filled in the P&A budget form is confidential and meant for the sole use of TF1 International.